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2017 Building Bridges Award Nomination Form

Employee of the year is someone who identifies as an individual with a disability, including wounded warriors who are a highly productive worker. The award is based on how far the employee has come in not only career achievements, but personal success. Employer of the Year Award is open to Tucson businesses, non-profit organizations or government agencies whose hiring practices demonstrate and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, including wounded warriors into their workplace. This award will honor an employer who focuses on the ability of the individual and promotes a corporate culture which supports disabled veterans and people with disabilities. Employment Specialist of the Year Award is someone who goes above and beyond. They teach their clients how to advocate for themselves and focus on what they have to offer employers. This individual collaborates with other agencies and works towards making our community a more inclusive place for individuals with disabilities, including wounded warriors. This category is open to anyone who is directly serving people with disabilities to find employment.
Please choose the award category you are nominating for. You can nominate for as many awards as you like, but must submit a separate form for each nomination.
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